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Checklist for Newborn Photo Session

Please dress your baby in loose, comfortable clothing to avoid any imprints on their delicate skin. Bring a change of clothes for mom, dad and baby. There may be a chance of accidents when parents are posing with their naked baby so an extra outfit will come in handy. 

For Baby

Multiple Nappies - I may use extra nappies during the session

Wipes- for nappy changes and spit ups

Baby brush- If your baby has hair this is a must

Feeding supplies for at least 3 feeds- Babies tend to feed more due to sessions. They use a lot of energy and also may get thirsty

Soother- it may be the key to getting those perfect photos if baby is unsettled - not essential

Feeding Cloths- For feeding and spit ups

Change of clothes - in case of leakage!

Blanket- I will wrap baby in his/her blanket at feeding time

For Family

Snacks & Drinks - Sessions are usually at 10am so you may not have had time for breakfast. Feel free to bring your breakfast along. Also it is important to have snacks for siblings. The studio is warm so water is a must.

Change of clothes for everyone- Accidents happen and while we usually remember to bring a change for the kids, it is important to remember a change for parents too. 

Him: Black T-shirt- In addition to the normal family shot, I like to do a simple parent shot so a plain black T is perfect. 

Her: Black thick strap vest- In addition to the normal family shot, I like to do a simple parent shot so a vest is perfect. Thick strap to hid bra strap.

Entertainment for siblings- the session can be up to 3 hrs long. Siblings will get bored easily if they have nothing to do. I provide a few puzzles and colouring pages but you might want to bring something also.

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