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2020/2021 New Year New Lockdown


Like most people, I never thought on March 12th 2020 when we first went into Lockdown in Ireland, that we would ring in 2021, behind closed doors. A new year and a new lockdown!


I have decided to work on a photo series, like many more photographers. A series of photographs of households on their doorsteps. Whether you live alone, as a couple, with kids, with animals or with friends, I would like to photograph you at your front door. It is important to document these times, for not only ourselves, but for future generations.


I will be photographing within my 5km and practicing social distancing by using a long lens and of course wearing a mask. I will not need to enter any property.

Further to this, I will also be asking people to volunteer an account of their experience of Covid 19 Lockdown. Their thoughts on the pandemic and on lockdown. Their likes, and dislikes of being confined to home and their hopes for the future.

We will look back on these unprecedented times and want to remember what it was like, who we spent it with and how we handled it. I hope to compile these accounts and front door portraits, to be enjoyed by our families, friends, and community.


If you are interested in taking part, and would like more information on this project, you can message me here or email me at


There is no participation fee, however, donations to Bantry Hospice Project are welcome at the following link:


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