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Preserve your Scan photos

An Idea is Born

I was cleaning through the boxes of items that I kept from my children's childhoods. Each of my children have a basket with their 'first' items. Included is their scan photos. My older daughter's scan photo, was substantially more faded than my younger daughter's. I remember having hers displayed in her early years, until we moved house and then it went in the box.

Looking at them now, I realise that they will continue to fade and so I set about looking at ways of preserving them. I took a photo, without flash of each of them and started working on an artwork version. Now I have them printed, framed and hanging on display, with the original tucked safely away inside a dark box.

How it works

  1. You send me a phone photograph of your scan photo (NO FLASH!) You can send it to me via Facebook Messenger or email it to
  2. You include your name, phone number and address if you choose to have it sent out by post.
  3. You choose a colour scheme for your artwork. Maybe colours to match your home decor for example.
  4. Include any text e.g. name and date of birth or a special quote.

I provide:

       A Giclée Fine Art Textured Matte Print 8" X 8" - €25

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